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01 Nov Vitamin C: A miracle for your skin
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Vitamin C has probably been quite a legendary part of our everyday lives, may it be in our food intake or our skincare routine with tremendous healthy benefits. Someone who’s been into the skincare game for a while is well acquainted with vitamin C and how magically amazing this ingredient is. One c..
30 Sep The best 4 beard products for a Well-groomed man
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Men’s grooming has always been a task. I consider it an art. And the person doing it is not just an artist but a well-groomed man too. Men's facial hair covers a major part of a guy’s face as well as his life. It is a natural facet of men’s lives and that is why it should be scrupulously taken care ..
20 Aug How to grow a truly great beard?
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Growing a truly great beard can be a master task. It’s like painting on a canvas, and who would want colours unevenly splattered, right? LubovX prides itself on an entire gamut of being a modern man. The more youthful you are, the more time it might take you to hit your facial hair goals. It all sta..
18 Apr Growing A Beard
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The Itching PhaseThis stage breaks many men before they have truly begun. The dreaded ' beard itch'. Thankfully the dreaded itching stage of your facial forest journey doesn't last too long. And by not too long I mean less than a month depending on your beard growth rate. In the meantime, keep your ..
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