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Beard Oil

Beard Oil
Beard Oil
Beard Oil
Beard Oil
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Beard Oil
Beard Oil
Beard Oil
Beard Oil
Beard Oil
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Combining the power of essential oils and natural herbs, LubovX brings to you the 'Beard Oil’. Formulated after much research, this product is ideal for those who are looking for quick beard growth without worrying about side effects. Enriched with the intense moisturizing power of jojoba and the anti-bacterial benefits of Eclipta Prostrata, this beard oil helps make your beard hair more manageable and also smells quite great.

This is an essential requirement to keep your beard healthy and free from frizz for a neat and groomed look. Containing natural ingredients, it also ensures that your beard and skin do not come in contact with harmful chemicals.

Product Info

  • Available in 30 gms 

  • Contains Jojoba & Vitamin E

  • Contains other natural ingredients

  • Formulated in India

  • Pleasant scent

Benefits of Beard Oil | Jojoba & Vitamin E

FASTER BEARD GROWTH: Combining the power of essential oils and herbs, this Beard Growth Booster Oil helps to hydrate, nourish, and strengthen your beard. This promotes growth that results in a thicker and stronger beard. 

Tames frizz for a manageable beard: Consisting of jojoba Oil, Eclipta Prostrata, Almond Oil, Amla Oil, Apricot Oil, Vitamin -E this beard oil is packed with nutrients to nourish your beard and helps beard styling with ease. This 100% natural beard oil instantly enhances the manageability and ensures long-lasting conditioning, making it the best beard management oil out there.

FILLS PATCHY BEARD: Rich in Vitamin -E  this advanced Beard Growth Oil helps increase blood circulation to the face which in turn boosts growth. It also reduces hair fall and fills patchy areas in your beard making it thick and lush. 

Nourishes from within: Our beard oil easily penetrates deep into the skin and comprises ingredients known to provide nourishment and promote robust beard health. (Individual results may vary.)

Smoother & shinier beard: Jojoba Oil often called ‘liquid gold, is proven to make hair softer, silkier, and shinier. This specially formulated blend of jojoba oil and Apricot Oil, packed with anti-oxidants naturally tames beard frizz, making it softer and adding shine to it.


Step 1: Take the desired quantity of beard oil on your palm.

Step 2: Spread it on your palms and massage the oil on the beard for 2-3 minutes

Step 3: Comb through your beard to spread the oil evenly.

Step 4: Let the oil rest on your beard for 7-8 hours

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