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About Us - India

About Us

LUBOVX is the men's grooming brand of The Gallant Company. It is a modern take on styling and grooming must-haves that is not limited by boundaries or categories. At LubovX we help you in the continuous evolution of becoming a better version of yourselves with all-round grooming. Every day is an opportunity and the difference lies in the details. We’re here to make sure you stand out.

Our Mission

LUBOVX aims to curate and provide products that give people an edge, help them make a sharp and distinguished impression. Our aim has been always to formulate skin, hair and body care products of the purest and the finest quality. But beyond just giving you class-leading products that we feel are beneficial to your aesthetic improvement, we are meticulous about the ingredients we use. A LubovX product is meant to be a source of confidence; a silent wing-man that’s always on the job even if you’re distracted. The brand takes the responsibility of introducing must-have products and making them easily available while ensuring an extremely high grade of quality and outlook.

Our Story

LUBOVX has a vision of crafting a grooming range that is a blend of Technology and ethical herb. LUBOVX is a brand that will continue to nurture & adapt. It’s a brand that understands that it takes time to build something that can be trusted with a certain responsibility. It started with curiosity and has come to life with perseverance. We’re selling something that we use ourselves. This was reason enough to part ways with compromises at the very beginning. Cutting corners is very easy and profitable but receiving a call about how awesome a customer’s purchase is, is far more enjoyable and rewarding. It’s also very easy to make out if you are being served a sub-standard product and it’s a dangerous idea to even consider offering something that is not what we say it is. Today’s consumer cannot be taken for a ride, we will never sacrifice product quality. We’ll continue to contribute to this industry in the best manner possible and we’re proud of every other brand that has made substantial efforts towards making grooming & styling such a phenomenon.

LUBOVX is in a unique position to offer our customers great everyday prices on popular brands from around the world. Our community of barbers, salons and other retailers benefit too, with our wholesale division providing them with access to the same strong supplier relationships that we have worked to build.

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The Gallant Company | First Floor, D-242,

Prem Nagar, Najafgarh, New Delhi

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